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Go to the "Local Resources" tab where you will see a couple of checkboxes for Printers and Clipboard. Underneath these, click on the "more" button and check the checkboxes to allow ports, plug-n-play devices and drivers to be used by the remote computer.

After checking these, you can click on OK to exit this window. Now back in the Remote Desktop window, you can click on "Connect" , this will bring up another window to enter your Username and Password provided in your server's welcome email , after this is entered you can click on ok, to connect to your server. You are now connected to your Windows server through RDP and can start using your server. In terms of applications and pre-installed, you have the following options when creating the server platforms.

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Conoce las versiones. While these resources are more than enough for most projects, you may be required to increase them yours. No problem! The space on the list of plans is without operating system space and can use it fully for files and DB's of your application. The operating system space is included as a free bonus to your Cloud Servers and depend on the size of the image used to create the server.

How to Remote Desktop from windows to Centos server

El espacio en disco sólo incrementarlo pero no reducirlo. Ten en cuenta que cualquier cambio que incremente el valor del Cloud Server ej: Si, por el contrario, el valor de tu Cloud Server disminuye luego del cambio ej: Por supuesto. If you select Linux, depending on the assigned node and server load time can take between 1 and 5 minutes to be ready.

Creating Windows images have a higher creation time, between 14 and 30 minutes depending on whether or not include hosting control panel Ferozo. It is complete and exact copies of your Cloud Server that you can make in any time. These copies captures all information and server settings at the precise moment they are made.

Ubuntu: Setup VNC Server for remote desktop control

These "snapshots" are stored in a private space where you can only access, but outside your server to ensure integrity in the event of an incident. You can then use your "snapshots" as a starting point to create a new Cloud Server or to restore a server prior to a failed state or unwanted change. Of course! Switching between distros of linux is immediate and there is no charge. When switching'll be restoring the server and will lose all configurations performed and data saved. We recommend performing a snapshot or backup before the change.

Windows VPS

You can, but nevertheless, we recommend using the firewall interface included in your control panel that allows you to manage access rules for each of your cloud servers simple and intuitive way. Do not put limits on the number of domains that you can point and it is not necessary that the domains were registered through DonWeb. At present we are working hard to finish developing and documenting the API. As soon will be available we communicate this by our usual channels. It does not mean only to have the latest technology in servers at your disposal but also to receive support when you need it.

Cómo cambiar su contraseña en un servidor vps o dedicado.

Your business and goals are unique as the hosting service should be. That's why we'd love to help you reaching your goals, by assisting you in a personalized way and by providing customised solutions. Our Your commitment with the enviroment. When choosing ourselves as IT service supplier and datacenter, you obtain the best technology and the most efficient service.

In addition, you minimize the environmental impact generated by your project. Innovation in efficient technologies, renewable resources energy and the certification of our Environmental Management are only a few of the actions that allow ourselves to offer you the best service without sacrificing the future of anybody.

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Whichever the service you hire may be, your online project will be hosted at the most modern Data Center of the region. The best connectivity, effective cooling technology Free Cooling and constant electric supply will make the goals of your business easier to reach. In addition, our engineers work daily on the optimization of the resources for you to take full advantage of the service capacity and to escalate your project without limitations.

Crie seus cloud servers em apenas 2 minutos. Este serviço tem um custo adicional. Isto implica um risco latente no caso de ter um inconveniente com o servidor físico. Por exemplo, você pode acrescentar os recursos como RAM, espaço em disco e CPU em qualquer momento e com um par de cliques.

Desde los inicios como compañía nos regimos por nuestra " Política de Precios Justos " en todos los servicios. Temos diversas formas de pagamento dependendo do seu país da residência e pode vê-las desde aqui.

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No que se refere às aplicações e plataformas pré-instaladas, você pode contar com as seguintes opções ao momento de criar o servidor. Conheça as versões.

Remote Desktop (RDP) Access for Windows VPS

Claro que pode fazê-lo! Por supuesto. Se você selecionar Linux, dependendo do nodo asignado e da carga do momento um servidor pode demorar entre 1 e 5 minutos em estar pronto para ser acesso. Trata-se de cópias completas e exatas de seu Cloud Server e que você pode realizar a qualquer momento. Com certeza! Aconselhamos realizar um snapshot ou um backup antes da mudança. Pode fazê-lo, mas te aconselhamos utilizar a interface de firewall incluida em seu painel de controle, que lhe permite administrar regras de ingresso por cada um de seus cloud servers de forma simples e intuitiva.